Nemesis School of Mixed Martial Arts is the most successful MMA school in the Murfreesboro, Tennessee area, teaching you all the things that actually work…and none of the things that don’t!  We teach Boxing, Muay Thai, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Submission Wrestling, as well as the only children’s MMA program in Murfreesboro.

If your looking for a unique MMA training then Nemesis MMA is what your looking for. Our gym consists of over 9,000 square feet of training area including punching bags, kicking bags, speed bags, a boxing ring, shin conditioning station, double ended bags, and a caged in mat area, for a unique MMA training environment.  Included in all memberships to Nemesis MMA is a full membership to Olympus Athletic Club and Spa, with all access included for no extra charge.

All of our classes are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level students, so finding your place in our gym is easy. All of our teaching staff is not only very knowledgeable in their field of martial art, but also very adept at instructing it. Our gym and all classes are designed with the students skill development in mind. All members at our facility maintain a positive attitude and help each other out to become better. Our goal is not only to make ourselves better, but to improve our team and our training partners.

Nemesis School of Mixed Martial Arts is located inside Olympus Athletic Club.

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