Benavides Mixed Martial Arts is home of Team Pound, the Rio Grande Valley’s only N.H.B. Fight Team. Opened in San Benito, Texas under the guidance of instructor Grand Master Ronnie Al in 1993, Head Instructor Luis Benavides II (AKA Mr. B) started training people in Hapkido and TaeKwonDo. Luis broke away from the traditional styles in 1997 to establish his own name as a Mixed Martial Arts instructor, Benavides Mixed Martial Arts and Team Pound was born, since we have devolved many fighters in Submission, Kickboxing and Vale Tudo and have many championships under our belts. We look forward to more champions training at our facility!

Our Hand-To-Hand techniques include the following areas of instruction:

Grappling – Our grappling techniques are taken mainly from Brazilian & Japanese style Jiu-Jitsu, traditional Judo and Hapkido. They include Takedowns & takedown defense, wrestling techniques for establishing a good base and controlling an opponent on the ground, escapes,reversals, chokes, strikes, armlocks, keylocks, shoulder locks, leg locks, ankle locks, neck cranks and joint manipulations.

Striking – Our striking techniques are taken mainly from Muay Thai style kickboxing and traditional boxing. They include stance, distance, footwork, set-ups, covering up and movement instead of traditional blocks, punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, head butts, eye jabs, throat strikes and groin strikes.

Conditioning – Both mental and physical conditioning are emphasized. Physical conditioning includes power lifting type movements such as the squat, dead lift, bench press, etc., plyometric exercises for explosive power and cardiovascular training for endurance. Mental conditioning includes the cultivation of decisiveness, aggressiveness and having a warrior mindset, while at the same time having respect for others.

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