The Evolution Mixed Martial Arts curriculum is a complete approach to martial arts training. Traditional techniques normally do not work in “real” self-defense situations. Lets face it, the main reason someone begins martial arts is to be able to defend themselves, and not walk around with a false sense of security. No one art is enough to fully protect yourself. You need a mixture of effective traditional disciplines that incorporate stand up, take down, and ground curriculum. Since no one wants to get injured, EMA fosters a safe environment where the motto is “train hard, with technique, but no one hurts each other”. This is the formula we have used at other schools to develop proven motor skills that create competent martial artists.

Evolution Mixed Martial Arts in Plano, Texas, located at Next Level Fitness Club, offers the following programs:

EMA(G) – Evolution Martial Arts – Ground Control Program
This program offers the most effective ground curriculum proven in reality based competition. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, for various joint submissions, neck cranks, and chokes. Russian Sambo for the best leg submissions, and Freestyle Wrestling for dynamic ground control and dominant position.

EMA(S) – Evolution Martial Arts – Stand Up Program
Our Stand up program incorporates: Western Boxing, considered to be the most effective discipline for hand strikes. Tae Kwon Do, considered one of the most versatile kicking arts. Muay Thai, referred to as “The Science of 8 Limbs”, and is arguable the most powerful striking art as it incorporates hands, elbows, knees, and shins.

EMA(FF)- Evolution Martial Arts – Fight Fitness and Body Sculpting Program
Incorporates techniques from EMA(S) and EMA(G) to develop the conditioning of a fighter.

EMA( MMA) – Evolution Martial Arts – Mixed Martial Arts Program
Students must be accepted into this curriculum by the chief instructor . All applicants must have a solid 6 months of training in EMA-G, EMA-S, EMA-FF.

EMA(TD) – Evolution Martial Arts – Take Down Program
This program is geared towards students that desire to development the motor skills of an accomplished wrestler and Judo practitioner.

EMA(LS)- Evolution Martial Arts – Little Samurais (kids martial arts program)
Coming Soon!!!

EMA( E) – Evolution Martial Arts – EMA Belt System
Mr. Chun has created a system that encompasses almost 40 years of his martial arts experience. Mr. Chun has taken all of his years of experience in sparring, and has created his own Martial Art Forms (Katas). These Forms are more reality based, unlike traditional martial arts where the Forms do not develop motor skills for actual reality based confrontation. EMA’s Forms and combat techniques complement each other, reducing the learning curve by combining the similarity of the Form and combat techniques of Evolution Martial Arts System. We guarantee training one year in the Evolution Martial Art system will be comparable to 4 years of training in any sole traditional martial art system.

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