Genesis Athletic Performance is Houston, Texas’ only pure performance and results driven training facility so as a fighter you go into your MMA training and fights stronger, healthier, more flexibile, and more conditioned than ever before! It was designed by athletes for athletes and people looking to make a commitment to their long term health and physique. Our gym has that “hardcore collegiate weight room” feel. College weight rooms provide a motivational setting that is more intense than any normal Globo Gym around. Our new facility in Northwest Houston has some of the very best custom equipment made.

We have equipment by Elite Fitness Systems, Perform Better, Westside Barbell, Megalift, Jump Stretch, Strength and Power, and ProMaxima. Our bars include Texas Power Bars, a Safety Squat Bar, a Multi-Grip Swiss bar, two trap deadlift bars, two 25lb. aluminum training bars, and a Rogue Bar. Our dumbbells run from 5lbs. to 120lbs. We have pairs of kettlebells that range from 10 lb up to 55 lb as well. Finally, we have custom made power racks and multi-use machines by Strength and Power. Unlike other facilities, we also have general conditioning equipment including two Prowler conditioning sleds and two pulling sleds for overall physical improvement. Medicine balls, stability pads, a 50 ft rope, Jump Stretch Bands, Blast Straps, pull-up ropes, and chains round out our conditioning pieces.

What does this mean for you as an fighter? You are going to get the best results possible and will be able to put the most into every workout. Working out at a gym is one thing, but training to succeed in sports and whatever life throws at you is another. Contact Genesis Athletic Performance so you can overcome anything on the field and in life!

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