Go Hard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Cuero, Texas, is dedicated to learning Gracie Jiu Jitsu in its purest form, with as many people who are willing to learn with us. We will follow the Gracie Combatives curriculum as well as the Master Cycle when available.

We are a form of a club so we do ask for a required monthly dues to help maintain its operation. As long as you are willing to be a cooperative training partner you are more than welcomed to train with us. Our instruction comes direct from Gracie University and from time to time adjunct instructors who are willing to assist with instruction and testing. This type of curriculum is geared towards adult learning which we start from age 16 on up. We are all here to help each other develope our Gracie Jiu Jitsu and one day become a fully certified training center for Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Our martial arts curriculum is the result of many years training, learning and studying from some of the best mixed martial artists in our nation; The United States Marine Corp. We have developed a mix martial arts curriculum that is wellrounded, varied and exciting to learn. The core of our system is stand up striking and self defense, with other arts incorporated designed to, not make students experts but give them good basic skills and understanding of these arts. Students can achieve Black Belt in 3 years, the following are the arts incorporated into our Black Belt curriculum. Kickboxing, Judo, Kali, Muay Thai, and Classical Martial Arts.

At GoHard BJJ, we encourage competition, but do not require anyone to participate in any tournament on our behalf. We believe this is best left at the discretion of the member, but if any member does decide that he/she wants to participate in a tournament or any other competition; they will have the full support of the club. Benefits included in tournament support by GoHard BJJ are full representation/sponsorship by GoHard BJJ, training coach for event as well as one on one training for preparation. During preparation any supplements wanted or needed by participant will be provided by GoHard BJJ at no costs to participant.

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