Octagon MMA is Dallas, Texas’ premier center for martial arts training. It is the place to be if you want to learn Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, muay thai and boxing as well as wrestling and specialized MMA classes. Martial arts are an exciting and challenging way to stay fit, develop confidence and enjoy your workout. If want to master a martial art, learn self-defense or just get in shape, Octagon is the place for you. We have programs for adults of all ages and abilities as well as programs for kids. We offer the most flexible training program schedules in Dallas! Our flexible schedule provides opportunity for hard working individuals who cannot afford time in the evenings, to train in the morning.


  • Concerned says:

    this gym is the second worst gym in oregon (Aces is the worst) and now the 2 gyms are merging? I myself awhile ago was a member of the octagon, during my experience with this gym I witnessed sexual misconduct with under age girl. 2 rival mexican gangs were constant occupants of the gym, In one case I remember one of the gang members bringing a shotgun into the facility. and completely incompetent instructors that don’t know the first thing of mma. This gym was like a bad after school special mixed with a meat market bar for rapist and pedophiles. A few of the instructors have been accused of rape involving a minor girl and multiple disciplinary actions from the athletic commission. look up their trainers by name and find out for yourself. I won’t even drive by this gym anymore, very scary place.

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