Team C-4 is located in Austin, Texas, and is currently a grassroots MMA training gym that houses our very own fight team. C-4 is dedicated to teaching the mixed martial art forms that are incorporated in MMA combat fighting. MMA educated enthusiast brothers, Terry Pacl and Mike Medford, round out the ownership of Citadel Caged Combat Camp, and the traveling corners and coaches for MMA promotions across the country.

At Team C-4, the athlete will be instructed in Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, Kenpo, Budo Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, and basic wrestling techniques. Athletes who show themselves to be dedicated to the sport will be allowed the opportunities to compete in the ring on both an amateur and professional level. In addition we have have an in-house fight coordinator to schedule and maintain fight records for individual fighters.

We at C-4 realize not everyone wanting to learn MMA, or some variation, wants to compete. For those individuals who are not interested in competing, we offer individual training and class instruction in the aforementioned martial arts, as well as in hand-to-hand combat. All skill levels are encouraged and welcome. We at C-4 strive to create a friendly inviting atmosphere, that encourages and supports our members in their pursuit of athletic success. No individual is left unsupported.

As you may already know, Cedar Park is expanding in size and in population. There aren’t many gyms open in our region. Our competitors in the Cedar Park region are either full and or can be pricey. We offer affordable alternatives, along with a laid back atmosphere and friendly instructors. All who attend will be able to help each fighter grow, and learn from one another. We have taken on the challenge to make Cedar Park, an ever exploding revenue for our MMA fighters who need a solid gym behind them.

Team C-4 has merged with our local friends at ASX and hereby will be training and competing as one. Our brand new gym is finally open, and we welcome all who would like to pursue their future in MMA. Already, we have had many amateur and professional fights. We have fought at King of Kombat, Ring Rulers, C-3 Fights, and many more. There are no obstacles that we cannot help you overcome when it comes to MMA training. We would love to help you accomplish your training and stand behind you as a team, win or lose.

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