Welcome to Texas Karate Academy/Premier Martial Arts in Seagoville, Texas, where our core style is sung moo kwon tae kwon do (this is a mixture of shotokan karate and mudokwon tae kwon do). We now teach MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing as well. Train to become part of the Premier Fight Team! Although we practice many ancient traditions we are always searching for new and dynamic ways to enthrall our students. We are committed to black belt excellence.

Our state-of-the-art facility has over 4,500 square feet. Our main floor is large and is equipped with a swain martial arts floor. Our training room contains training equipment designed to improve our students endurance and sparring techniques. Our training room is also a secondary floor in which to do floor training. Our viewing area has a home-like feel with comfortable seating and a direct view to the main floor. This allows the parents to socialize while watching their kid(s). We are confident that you will be comfortable here and have the best possible experience with the martial arts.

Our MMA program is great for all men and women ages 13 and up. You do not have to be in great shape to get started in the class. The goal of the program is not to hurt others, but to provide a challenging setting of perseverance and self improvement.

Master Instructor Jon Hodge currently holds the rank of 4th dan black belt in the style of sung moo kwan tae kwon do. He has been instructing students for several years at his Texas Karate Academy. He has superior training in karate, tae kwon do, hapkido, aikido, and other various arts. He has a large amount of wisdom in the martial arts; and holds a special skill as an instructor. Master Hodge is well known as a teacher of self defense, self discipline, and most importantly to him- self improvement.

Head Instructor Michael Lee Hodge has been studying the martial arts since age seven, and has earned the rank of 2nd black belt in sung moo kwan tae kwon do, American nunchakus, and American bo. In addition, he has had extensive training with various martial arts masters in the styles of: aikido, hapkido, jiu-jitsu, judo, wushu, escrima sticks, sais, kamas, sword, and other various arts. He specializes in competition style weapons instruction. He has won regional tournaments, and has even starred in commercials. He is the chief architect of “Ultimate Bo” and “Ultimate Chuks” curriculum programs produced by Hodgyma. These two full weapons programs are in over one hundred martial arts schools in the U.S and Canada creating black belts within its innovative curriculum system. He has also starred in over 50 martial arts instructional DVDs. At this time, he is continuing to focus his efforts on improving his instructional methods and qualifications to better serve his new found students through Ultimate Training™ martial arts instructional DVDs.

Texas Karate Academy has many more instructors not listed that make a huge impact in both children and adults every day. All of our instructors are committed to the student improving themselves. Why not come and try out a class? Nothing bad will come of trying something new; but there is always a possibility of something great.

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