At Boyce’s Martial Arts in Winchester, Virginia, we have incorporated several styles of Martial arts together to fit everyone’s training needs (We offer Karate, Self-Defense and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Martial Arts are a total body workout that increases circulation, strengthens and tones muscles, and increases the cardiovascular systems capacity. Martial Arts can be performed by ANYONE! It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. Martial Arts has successfully helped people with diabetes, asthma, visual impairment, attention deficit disorders, and Downs Syndrome.

The mental benefits of Martial Arts are just as important. Students learn martial arts in a noncompetitive, supportive, and friendly atmosphere. Our organized and goal-oriented martial arts program allows individuals to focus and concentrate on achievement, and building and reinforcing a strong code of personal excellence. Self esteem and confidence are improved because of enhanced personal security and the knowledge that one has accomplished many goals. Students are encouraged to support each other’s progress, and perform good deeds.

Students also learn about the positive role law enforcement officers play in our society, educate themselves, perform community service, and develop better human relationship skills. It is our belief that by learning and living by the meaning of respect, honor, integrity and courtesy will help us avoid actual confrontations and create a more peaceful society. These areas of personal development must be reinforced at home; we are building strong role models physically and mentally in both school and in the home.

Our Facility offers 8,000 square feet with 4,000 of that dedicated to martial arts training and physical fitness. Our floor is cover with Zebra Mats and a $12,000 custom heavy bag system for our striking arts. We have installed Focus Master’s which are designed to maximize the students ability to train as an individual and not having to rely on a partner to hold pads. This gives our students more training time and less down time.

Our parent waiting area has a monitor with school information and a TV displaying national news for convenience. With a fifteen foot window, parents and spectators can watch the progress of our students in a comfortable environment. Coffee is offered to parents during the winter months with tables for doing work or just reading.

We have future plans to add a Fighter Training Center which will include a professional competition ring, weight equipment and heavy bag system. Parents will have the option to have a personal workout while their child trains.

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