Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Puyallup, Washington, offers BJJ classes for all ages, as well Kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  Marcelo Alonso has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost 30 years, and holds a fourth degree black belt under the late Carlson Gracie.  From 1989 – 1997, Marcelo and Carlson Junior shared the role of head instructors at the Rio academy known as the “Champion Factory”.  Marcelo taught and trained with many of the top names in jiu-jitsu including the original members of Brazilian Top Team and American Top Team.  In 1997, Marcelo moved from Brazil to the Pacific Northwest.  Since then, Marcelo has taught in many different settings for a variety of students including:

-U.S. Rangers: Fort Lewis WA 4 ½ years
-U.S. Special Forces: 3 years
– Seattle Police Department
– Port of Seattle Security
– Currently training fighters for MMA

Original Location in Seattle:
4211 Winslow Place N
Seattle, Washington 98103


  • ryan says:

    I’m looking for gym to join and learn it all and compete when i ready im 27yr 6’0 215lbs all do anythang u ask of and push my body and mind as far as it will go i realy want to learn.

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