At Ring Sports United, located in Bellevue, Washington, you’ll find a community of people who are passionate about all ring sports: boxing, kickboxing and grappling. Some are champions, some are former champions and some simply enjoy the thrill of working out with the same people they’ll watch compete in the ring.

Club members range in age from 6 – 60 from the average “working Joe” who wants to invest his sweat in “practice with purpose” to World Class Athletes pushing their game to new heights. Everything taught at RSU has been ‘ring tested’ over the past twenty plus years, so whether you are here for fitness or to compete, you’re in a technically correct training program.


  • Anon says:

    Anyone who’s any good (and not making money off the gym) inevitably leaves this place for somewhere better.

    The vibe is really weirdly effeminate and weak. There are tons of fakes and posers and wannabes.

    The lady who owns it now, Deonne or DIDI or something, is some kind of black widow. Three of her husbands died on her…I didn’t know that shriveled up XXXX was fatal.
    She sucks at striking, knows karate…

    This place is a scam. You’re better off taking aerobics classes.

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