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Team Outlaw Freestyle MMA Training Center in Whitehall, West Virginia, is a full scale gym facility for all your workout needs carrying a wide variety of mats, heavy bags, sparring gear, treadmills, weights, etc. We train  in MMA, Boxing, Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu (Submission Grappling). Team Outlaw started officially in November of 2006 in Fairmont by Rod Michael and Steve Haning.

We have trained together in MMA since 1998. Our goal is to have the team in the mainstream in the next few years. as of 2010,the team is 22-7 in MMA, 5-1 in kickboxing, and have had a couple toughman winners. we’ ve done well so far and are very proud of being the first true mma gym in the area.



  • Robbie Laster says:

    My name is Robbie Laster. I just recently moved here from Indiana. I’ve been doing mixed martial arts off and on since i was 16. I’ve had 3 cagefights, and my record for those is only 1-2. Every gym that ive been to they help me alot,and then they just end up giving up on me, and that makes me feel like crap. The trainers tell me that i train very hard and that im very good at what ive learned, but they dont like the fact that i dont fight in the cage like i do at training. I would really like to prove myself to you guys and have the opportunity to be on your MMA Fight Team. If you could please contact me at 304-XXX-XXXX I would gladly appreciate it.

  • droc says:

    Hi Robbie

    Their webpage is broke, and their FB goes nowhere. Unfortunately, E-mail is the last means, unless we can find what happened. Good luck finding a gym.

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