The first Monkey Bar Gymnasium location debuted in Madison, Wisconsin in August 2000. Since opening its doors, the Monkey Bar Gym has embraced members and non-members alike through the spirit of community. At the Monkey Bar Gym, you’re not just a member — you’re part of a team dedicated to a healthy lifestyle grounded in strengthening your body and your mind.

Monkey Bar Gym Madison offers: Body Power, Boot Camp, Eischens Yoga, Judo and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, taught by members of the Luiz Claudio Competition Team, consisting of:

* Head Instructor: Thales Blaso (Purple Belt)- Rickson Gracie International Championships (Gold)
* Instructor: Jon Hinds (Brown Belt)- Pan Ams (Gold), Rickson Gracie International Championships (Gold)
* David Martin- 3x World Champion: Blue belt and 2x Purple Belt
* James “Junior” Clark (Purple)- Midwest Grappling Championship Gold Medal, Gracie Nationals Gold Medal
* Casey Blaso (Blue Belt)- World Championships (Bronze), Pan Ams (Silver), Arnolds (2x Gold), NAGA (Gold no gi), Brazilian State Champion

We teach two basic types of training, with the gi and without the gi. Each class has the same basic format. A warm-up begins each class and lasts for about 30 minutes. This is followed by a special topic such as passing the guard, or chokes from the back. This portion of the class lasts for about 45 minutes and is followed by drilling or open sparring with a partner. Everyone in class trains at the same time, from white belts all the way through black belts.


  • Jeff says:

    Instructors don’t show up for classes. When they do, there is no structure to the instruction. Find somewhere else.

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