At Functional Edge Combat Sports and Fitness in Sierra Vista, Arizona, our mission is to improve our students’ quality of life through self growth in the exploration of the modern martial arts and combat sports and to enhance our students ability to efficiently deal with the danger, fear, confrontations, and violence they may encounter in life.

Many MMA Schools today are merely teaching a group of randomly thrown together movements. The novice is thrown in as cannon fodder for the instructor, the advanced students or the fight team. This only leads to frustration and sometimes could lead to injury. At Functional Edge, however, we teach our unique Mixed Martial Edge Method – Coach Torres will take you step by step through our carefully organized curriculum for the Stand Up, Clinch, Cage, and Ground Fighting phases of this modern sport. You will be carefully guided while you practice with people at your own level of skill in a respectful and friendly environment.

Founder and Chief Instructor of Functional Edge MMA Tony Torres has spent the past 35 years researching, training in and teaching martial arts, combatives, self-defense, and defensive tactics to civilians, Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Personnel. He has also dedicated his life to deep investigation of how real violence happens; its causes and effects, as well as how to effectively and efficiently deal with violent confrontations.

Whether you want to be part of our fight team, want to get in shape while learning practical fighting skills, or wish to learn in order to enjoy watching the UFC with an educated point of view, the Mixed Martial Edge is for you.

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