At Hinzman’s Tiger’s Pit in Tuscon, Arizona, come in and learn to defend yourself, train to be a NO HOLDS BARRED/MMA Champion, or just get a great workout with our unique drills and circuits. There is no better place in the city that can get you into great shape and/or transform you into the Champion you want and desire to be!

We have been in the same location for 12 years and MANY GREAT fighters have came out of our gym. With the most reasonable rates in town how can you go wrong training under PROVEN LEGEND, Don “Alley Cat” Hinzman, who has so many unique techniques that you won’t find anywhere else? We practice all aspects of fighting no matter if the fight is standing up or on the ground, we will show you how to get out of the fight quickly and walk away safe!


  • gym guy says:

    The first gym to have No Holds Barred fighting and bare knuckle fighting. This place is great if you want to learn how to fighting in any situation and I would give it a 20 out of 5 for being intense

  • Charles Beaty says:

    I would rate this Gym at the highest overall grade. The instructor there I think his name is Don Is the best I’ve seen.

  • Marco B says:

    The Tiger’s Pit has been my home for just over 7 years now and I have never seen any other spot like the one that we have. From the minute you set foot in the door you realize that you are in for something real and gritty, it is definitely the real deal…no flash and glamor just the what you need to learn. My teammates are the tightest knit group of people I have had the pleasure of getting beat up by, they are all very skilled in many weight classes. This family/my teammates is all the work of the blood, sweat, and tears of the man himself Don Hinzman. Nobody will give you the intensity and technical knowledge that this man will….NOBODY. This gym is as states with many unique techniques and is also mentioned in the above comment the only school to have bare-knuckle and NHB fights as part of a regular day. Whether you want to compete or learn how to stay safe in ANY situation, seriously ANY, and you feel like getting to work immediately Hinzman’s Tiger’s Pit is for you.

  • True Mixed Martial Artist says:

    If you want to train for your gang initiation beat down that’s coming up, this is the PERFECT place for you. Other than that this place is a waste of time and a disgrace to the sport. Don Hinzman claims to be 278-1, claims that he fought and beat Frank Dux (Van Dammes Bloodsport character) at 17 years old, but oddly you can’t find any official record or footage on the guy. His guys on the website go by nicknames probably to keep people from sherdogging them. The only talented name that has come out of that gym (and they still brag about him and throw his name around all the time) is Ed West, and he hasn’t trained there in YEARS!

    I now train full time in Las Vegas with some of the best in the world, but back when I still lived and trained in Tucson, guys from the Tiger Pit would come in to our gym ALL THE TIME. They were scary looking tatted up dudes with NO TECHNIQUE NO CARDIO & NO SKILL. For the young fighter who wants to develop their skill and have a LEGIT career in MMA, PLEASE do not waste your time on Don Hinzman or any of his thugs.

  • Oh wow who would have guessed some un named person left a bs review, this comes with the online scene though and yeah Ed has not trained at the gym for quite a few years and whoever went to other gyms that is their choice, one thing is for sure though whoever this guy is that left that review would not say that Don is not legit if the guy wanted stay awake for very long, look me up on sherdog and find out only 2 fights are listed and those were ammy fights where I fought guys with much more “fight experience”, yet can’t locate any other fights I might have had like this one for example

    Was sherdog really around in the 80’s… Nope

    Does sherdog cover “undergound” fights… Nope

    Haters are going to hate, keep that in mind

  • gym guy says:

    Nobody brags about ed from the Tiger’s Pit and nobody went into some other gym that really is looking for locks that no one else does. Why didn’t the guy leaving the bad review leave his name if he is such a stud?

  • Cameron "Hitman" Mayer says:

    I have been training at Hinzman’s Tigers Pit for 10 years now and I still have not seen anyone as knowledgeable or creative in the art of fighting. Don Hinzman has unmatched skill, power, and knowledge of all aspects of martial arts and NHB fighting. I have done and seen things done at his school that I once thought were impossible for a human being.
    If someone is looking for an eye opening, life changing experience in learning the martial arts than Hinzman’s Tiger’s Pit is the place to learn. I, for one , will never train anywhere else as long as I live.

  • SecretBoyfranDEHEGEGEGHGEHEH says:

    “Cameron “Hitman” Mayer ”

    “I, for one , will never train anywhere else as long as I live.”

    and this is why you will not excell.

    go to apex primero.. or the gym on shannon. or mitts and matts. if you want to train seriously, be around champions. Not ” champions” i mean people that can actually show u medals/ trophys/belts

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