Welcome to the web site of the Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy, located in Tucson, Arizona. We offer a safe, friendly and professional atmosphere for you to learn martial arts and self defense. We offer classes for children, teens and adults.

Learning a martial art is a great way to get in shape, develop discipline and grow confidence. The first step is discovering which style suits you best. Read our course descriptions, which include class dates and times. You are welcome to come observe a class, and participate in a free introductory lesson! Just come wearing comfortable workout clothes, such as a t-shirt and sweatpants.

We are pleased to offer the Tucson community martial arts classes including:

  • Jujitsu – Learn self defense, with an emphasis on grappling and throwing techniques. We offer jujitsu classes for both adults and families and children.
  • Mixed Martial Arts – The style practiced in this class, Hiraido Jujitsu, combines aspects of both classical martial arts and modern systems. Classes focus on striking, kicking and grappling. Students may participate in contact sparring if they choose. This class is for adults only.
  • Karate – The classical art of self defense, karate emphasizes striking and kicking techniques as well as developing mental focus (kime). We offer classes for teens and adults only.
  • Danzan Ryu Jujitsu – Learn practical self defense with an emphasis on the mental, physical and spiritual development of the student. This class is open to all ages.
  • Judo – A great activity for children and teens that develops balance, strength and coordination through the practice of basic throwing and grappling techniques.
  • Little Dragons – A karate class developed just for kids.
  • Cardio Karate – A fun workout that combines basic self defense techniques with aerobic exercise.

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