Rush MMA in Macon is dedicated to the education of Mixed Martial Arts in central Georgia. We offer 7,000 square feet of training with showers, locker rooms, 16X16 Boxing ring, heavy bags, and 2,000 square feet of mat space. Our pro-shop is equipped with everything from apparel to mouth pieces and gloves. We train 7 days a week all for an affordable price. Whether you are looking for combat competition or are interested in an alternative choice to get in shape, Rush can meet your needs. Feel free to stop in and check us out.

Our Friendly staff includes Bubby Mitchell, Ben Pierce, Cole Miller, and Trey Brown. At Rush, we offer anything such as Womens cardio kick boxing, No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Thai-Boxing, Wrestling (Freestyle & Folk Style), and Cardio Fitness, Kids Jiu Jitsu programs, all the way up to training for the amateur or pro fighter.



  • Jones says:

    Pretty nice place, too bad I’m so far away. Why do people give negative ratings but not leave comments?

  • Tony Garrett says:

    I recently enrolled my 12 year old son into Bubby’s MMA class. My son is starting to grasp what he is being taught and likes the class and the trainers. I am well pleased with the one on one attention that is given. Right now I will rate 4 Stars and save one for an update in about 10 months.

  • Cartman16 says:

    Ive been training there for around 5 months now and I enjoy the classes. well taught and good training there. I dont have to worry about bully type training partners, everyone there is respectful and show sportsmanship. I am going to start doing the Gi classes here very soon. Hats off to bubby and the other coaches, they are doing a good job from my stand point

  • builttough says:

    great place to train with good coaching staff. They are all very well experienced and also have fought in the top tier of mma shows. why not learn from the guys who actually have fought there? also they compete in alot of BJJ tournaments so even if you dont compete, you learn the right techniques that are used while competing. make sense? they are good for beginners as well, thats what i was when i started!

  • Jake4you says:

    New location from the address on here. New place is spectacular! Nice cage and all new stuff. Good coaching staff and cool programs A+

  • Jeffraddick says:

    Just signed up and can’t wait to start. They have better instruction and structure than any other school I have visited in middle ga

  • Davis Meed says:

    This place is awesome!! Love my Rush Family

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