Our style “Zanshindo” combines various other traditional and non-traditional styles to provide for many different people and situations. This makes it possible for us to teach techniques for realistic self-defense, and yet at a strenuous enough pace to keep you or get you into great shape. We also train for various level of competition.

What is Zanshindo?

Zanshindo is a mixed martial arts style that combines several traditional styles together into a more complete non-traditional style. Because it is non-traditional Zanshindo allows for an ever expanding knowledge base, so even after the curriculum is mastered, there is still more to learn.

Zanshindo is a fully realistic mixed martial art as well. In this style, there are no katas or forms without partners, instead, the techniques are always practiced on a partner or on pads. Therefore, each student in the system can learn more than just theory on what if, they can also feel the what ifs as their partner responds to their reactions. This style is a very responsive style. Instead of memorizing a long list of attacks in sequence, the students in a Zanshindo class are taught the small steps in between and therefore can apply those techniques wherever necessary.

Zanshindo teaches adults and children for self-defense, fitness, and competition. Our style also teaches children many beneficial skills including discipline, self-control, patience, kindness and other skills that will set them apart from the rest when it comes to being strong in character.

The word Zanshindo is Japanese for the way of no mind, or a state of total awareness and relaxation. This relates to our style in that once a technique is mastered, one must not think hard on what to do, but the reaction comes anyways.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to give our customers the very best. The best classes, the best techniques, the best value… therefore, we do not charge High monthly rates. We offer a very competitive rate for something you can’t get anywhere else in Warsaw, which is our one-of-a-kind instruction method and techniques. We focus on being a family and growing together.


  • Ashley says:

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! The people are welcoming and make you feel comfortable. Coming in not knowing anything they have been great. I would def. recomend them to anyone, complete beginner or expert. If you want to learn MMA or get an awesome work out…this is the place for you!

  • Kent says:

    They are not professional or mature at all. Starting fights at peoples houses they were invited to. This also suggests no discipline at all. What people fail to realize is Martial Arts is not regulated in Indiana, so anyone can claim to know anything and not have to provide proof. Look around a bit and you can find a good school with adult teachers that are mature and know how to train properly.

  • heather creekmore says:

    i have been going to relentless for little less than a year we have become like a family. we work hard on technique and getting into shape.david racheal and brandon are always there for us. i have personaly went down from a size 22 to 14 the right way.they push to make you better but dont make you feel less of a person like most gyms. my children also take classes too and love it also. theres always warm friendly enviroment when you walk thru the doors.i recomend relentless to others for fun fitness or selfdefense.

  • Julian says:

    Relentless is awesome! The instructors are great and know what they are doing, the students are nice and everyone is treated like part of the family. Come here if you are looking for a challenge and a lot of fun!!!!

  • Jessie says:

    Relentless MMA Academy is a good place to train and get into shape they treat you like family, even if you don’t know anything and your starting from scratch they will still treat you the same as the rest i would def recommend this gym to friends and family.

  • Chelsie says:

    I have been going to Relentless for a little while and I love the place. Everyone there is very out going. The gym is like a big family from the first day you walk through the doors. The instructors are very welcoming and willing to help anyone. I also work a busy schedule and just love how flexible they are. I have never went in and not been taught something new about MMA. When I started going I did not know anything and that did not matter to anyone I was treated just like everyone else and was taught by very educated instructors who are willing to work with me and explain everything in detail. My only complaint about the gym is that I can’t keep my boyfriend out of there! But it is a lot of fun being there…

  • Andrew c says:

    I been going to relentless for over a year now and love it I do the regular classes and the fighters classes. The reason why I picked this school is because they do things right and with the proper techniques. All the instructors take the time to make sure u know what you are doing and doing it right . If u want a martial arts school that always makes u feel welcome and there’s always something new to learn than relentless is for you. And I’m the boyfriend that never leaves

  • Jesse says:

    I just joined this gym a few weeks ago and i have no regrets. Everyone here is really friendly and helpful, they really make you feel welcome. They do a great job on teaching you the proper technique and answer any questions you have. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone wanting to learn MMA.

  • Robin says:

    I have been going to Relentless for almost a year now and what can I say about them besides they are AWESOME! David, Rachel, and Brandon are the best instructors anyone could ever ask for. They not only teach you Martial Arts, but they teach you how to be a better person with all of the training you get. They are so flexible with everyones needs to learn no matter what it takes. It is one big family and I am very proud to say that I go there and I’m a part of the family.

  • Robin says:

    I have been going to Relentless Martial Arts for almost a year now and what can I say about them besides they are AWESOME. David, Rachel, and Brandon are the best instructors anyone could ever ask for. They not only teach you about Martial Arts, but they teach you how to be a better person in life with the training they give. They are so flexible with everyones needs no matter what it takes to learn. It is one big family there and I’m proud to say I go there and I’m a part of the family.

  • Ross says:

    I have been training for over a year. I love Relentless, you couldnt ask for a better school. Stop in and find out how great Relentless is.

  • David says:

    I went to Relentless for the first time tonight and everyone is already considering me family. I love this place. You couldn’t ask for a better place to train.

  • tommy streeter says:

    this is a great place to come work out and a really good atmosphere for learning martial arts, i really enjoy coming and the trainers are great.

  • stephen rockwell says:

    I have been a student for seven months now, and I would like to thank the instructors of Relentless for the encouragement and the great atmosphere they give. I am coming from a background of very little sports and no martial arts. Thank you for giving me the tools to help me be more confident.

  • Dan Kekrhoff says:

    Relentless teaches it all. I do private lessons because I cannot make the regularly scheduled classes. I am a white shirt, beginner,and want to know what it truly means to be a fighter. I wrestled in high school, TRC Champion, but want more than wrestling on my resume. Thanks to the one-on-one attention of Sensei David Sumpter, I am learning so much so quickly. I am working on an effective stand-up which includes punches and kicks. I am doing Zanshindo to further expand my ground game. If you cannot make regularly scheduled classes then try some private lessons. Times are flexible. All in all, Relentless is great for those like me, just starting out & have a busy schedule, or those who want to expand their skills for fighting or whatever.

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