Headed by Carlson Gracie Jr. jiu-jitsu brown belt Chris Griffin, The Submission Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, offers great instruction and training for people of all walks of life. We offer a comfortable atmosphere for both beginners and those returning to the sport. You do not have to be a professional fighter to train like one. See you on the mat!



  • antonio pantoja says:

    I have trained at a few Jiu Jitsu schools in the past and I will be honest, my perception of what was “good” has totally changed since I started here. I have been training with Chris Griffin for about 4 months now and I have learned more than I have EVER learned going to other schools staggered over the years. He is hands down one of the most technical teachers I have ever seen. He makes everything look easy from demonstration to application. All of the students are phenomenal people whom I feel I have built lifelong friendships with. Everyone there genuinely wants to help you get better and achieve your goals. I am super lucky [and proud] to be able to train alongside of such talented guys.
    They have made the rates super affordable at $50/mo to make training possible even if you have a tight budget. If you are shopping around for a legit striking class, Jin Choi is an insanely good stand up who can really sharpen your game and he has started teaching striking on Mondays! Even if you aren’t in the market for getting punched in the face, you could still attend HIS classes for an amazing cardio workout and I guarantee you will leave with an iron lung in just a few classes.
    I can’t say enough great things about the academy and how great the people are. I personally really needed this in my life as I have experienced a lot of great loss lately. Let me tell you, this place has been such a great outlet to take my mind off of all of those troubling losses that typically stress me out (bills, work, etc). I needed to surround myself with really positive people who wanted to better themselves and I got ALL of that here.

    Give it a shot, the first month is free…you have nothing to lose. Just show up and you will be a better person, I promise you. Your perception of what is “good” might really change.

  • Brian Jones says:

    Great place to train. Excellent instruction and friendly team atmosphere. Highly recommended to anyone who is in the Louisville area.

  • PPerkins says:

    Great guys, great gym, great teacher

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