At Legion Fitness in Lexington, Kentucky, our goal is to get you fit, get you trained and get you confident in your appearance but even more importantly get you confident in your ability to defend your loved ones. Our classes are semi-private (4 to 6 students) so that our students get focused attention and are exercising at their optimal level. We offer instruction in Krav Maga, Self Defense, MMA Ground Fighting and much more!

Legion MMA Ground Fighting classes emphasize ground fighting techniques that include the Hayastan method, which mixes Judo and Sambo with Jiujitsu. This method was founded by Gokor Chivichyan who has trained such U.F.C. fighters as Karo Parisysan and Manny Gamburyan. Similarly to clinch fighting, ground fighting implies that the combatants are at a very close range, usually involving one or both combatants grappling the opponent using various grappling holds. Improve your fitness and learn important ground fighting skills at Legion Fitness!

Legion is like no other fitness facility in Lexington. There are no machines, no barbells, no dumbbells, no mirrors, no juice bars and no shorts with tank tops. Legion believes that a visit to any “normal” gym that is open to the public offers the wrong idea of what achieving fitness is like. In those places, magazines are read while on a machine pretending to “run” or “bike”, weights are lifted by isolated muscles, often in a seated position and intensity is distinctly lacking. Legion believes that “modern fitness” is defined by appearance rather than actual horsepower, and a training facility contaminated by this attitude cannot produce elite fitness, physical or mental.

At Legion, people are trained in a structured, “class” environment. Body-weight exercises are focused on, with Russian Kettlebells as the only outside resistance. The training is semi-private, with classes running from 1 to 6 people. And, the training is very intense. In a class you might see women doing full-out pull-ups on a bar 8′ off the ground, or guys swinging 40 lbs. kettlebells.

Steve Mansfield’s Legion Training System is like no other fitness facility. There are no machines, no barbells, no dumbbells, no mirrors, no juice bar. When you are ready, we’re ready!

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