At 3rd Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our goal is to spread the knowledge of traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to men, women and children. Although a highly competitive sport and a foundation style of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also for anyone that has an interest is self-defense, physical fitness or just a real cool hobby.  The purpose for learning this art could be as varied as the individuals learning it. Through the training in this art a sense of camaraderie and teamwork will be forged among students.

Tim and Jody Bernhardt are the owners of 3rd Law. Tim is a Deputy Sheriff and brings a passion for BJJ, training with our instructors for going on three years. He also has a talent for helping people with stength and conditioning as well as nutritional programs. Jody runs two successful businesses and brings to 3rd Law organization, and creativity but more importanly customer service skills. Both feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by people who have similar goals and the love of the sport. They also love watching 3 of their 4 children train and enjoy traveling to BJJ tournaments to cheer on the team.

3rd Law Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a proud member of Team Jorge Gurgel.



  • Ryan says:

    3rd Law BJJ is a great place to train. It is a Family friendly environment with detail oriented instructors that truly care about your improvement and success; on & off the mats. They have Kids Class, Adult Fundamental Classes, Adult Technique Classes, Open Mat, and Adult Positional Drilling Classes.
    I really like that this school is a GI only BJJ academy that stays focused on the “Art” of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, not the hype of MMA. I highly recommend 3rd Law BJJ as the best place to train in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

  • James says:

    WOULD NOT RECOMMEND, WILL NOT GO BACK!!!! NO BLACK BELT. Instructors didn’t seem to know what they were doing, very disorganized and disappointing. Gym was small, no room to roll, the mats were dirty.

  • Clint says:

    I cannot imagine what this James character is talking about – my only guess is that he is from a neighboring school and doesn’t like the competition.
    At any rate, I have trained BJJ for several years at several different schools, and 3rd Law BJJ is by far the best in the area. I checked out two other BJJ/MMA schools before coming there, and 3rd Law was the friendliest and most organized one. The place was clean and well lit (it didn’t even smell like a gym), had plenty of space for the 12 or so students that were there, and everyone was mature enough that several little kids could be out on the mat training/playing. The instructors also follow a curriculum, teaching techniques that all link together rather than just one random move after the next. Plus they were so welcoming there, more than any other school – people jumped up and came over to shake your hand and say hello as you walked in, advanced belts were always willing to roll with new guys (you weren’t told “Don’t ask a higher belt to roll with you,” something I was actually told at another nearby school!)
    I cannot recommend 3rd Law BJJ enough! Stop reading this and go there now.

  • Nick says:

    I agree with Clint. The other review is garbage and definately from a competive school. I’ve been training at 3rd Law for almost a year and I have never been disappointed. Everything is clean with plenty of mat space (you can see pics on their website – duh), the Instructors know their business. The Instructors don’t run the school so they can completely focus on the student with no distractions. Everyone is very happy. You should form your own opinion by visiting. I think they give you a week free anyway.

  • Richie says:

    I trained at a few schools and MMA places, the mat space is pretty large, always cleaned, and always friendly. I really think that you should try it out. I have rolled with high level BJJ guys from white to blackbelts there instructors are of the highest level period. always willing to point out the move spending more time on it if you need never a dumb question and there always trying to better your game try it out, you will learn so much it will be so shocking that you want to keep learning and advancing your game.

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