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Motor City Boxing MMA Team- So, you wanna fight huh? Motor City Boxing is a full service martial arts training program.  We have various training, and team practice times at different locations.  Please e-mail for details on classes and locations.  We offer a wide variety of Martial Art and Conditioning Programs.   We offer one of the finest Mixed Martial Arts Programs in Michigan.

For MMA we offer Kickboxing, Gi and no Gi submission grappling, Gi and no Gi Judo as well as cage tactics.   For the athletes we offer training in Balance and Stability, Explosive strength, Med Ball and Plyometrics and Agility.

For the Martial Artists we offer Programs in Tactical Defense (Locks, Releases and Restraints), Technical Striking (Develop Punching and Kicking power) and Ground Fighting (Takedowns, positioning, reversals and submissions).

For the Kids we have our System of Martial Art Striking Training, Jr. MMA, Mat Rats Grappling, Kickbox conditioning, as well as those Athletes Development Programs.  We also offer private lessons and seminars in Judo, Sambo, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, and submission wrestling from our highly decorated staff.


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