Battle Ground Promotions in Union, Missouri, is all about the respect and integrity of the sport of Kickboxing, MMA and Karate. When you walk into our gym you will notice a family type of atmosphere. There is no foul language, no tough guy attitudes, no brawling, and no egos, all that is left at the door.

We conduct our gym with authority and respect to one another. We all help one another to reach his or her goals. The number one thing you should know is that you are not expected to become a fighter. We understand that while entertaining, getting in the ring and fighting someone else is definately not for everyone. So please just come in, feel welcome and train like a fighter.

We offer Cardio Kickboxing classes, Speed and Agility classes, Grappling, Wrestling, and MMA classes. We also teach Kenpo Karate Self Defense and Point Sparring techniques. We also offer Women’s Classes only which include Cardio, Stretching and Toning.

Between Instructors Brian Kain and John Davis combined, they have 28 years or experience and knowledge. We have both been a part of other gyms, training facilities, met and worked with hundreds of people associated with this industry.

Battle Ground Kickboxing and MMA is well qualified to help you reach your goals!



  • john baxter says:

    I love this place. the trainers here are world class. If you want a great work out or become a great fighter. this is the place.

  • Jeff Crocker says:

    Hi, my name is jeff crocker and im looking to start endurance training and learning techniques so that i may compete in the UFC, but first i must start low and somewhere. I have no clue where to start but a buddy of mine did link me to this site. Im currently 5’5 135 pounds and having a vary high energy level and willing to do what it takes to make it to the big leagues. I have alot of anger problems and my friends have always told me fighting would be the best option if i ever wanted to choose and exciting job. If possible i would love to start out having a fire-trial test meaning jumping in the ring for the first time to learn where im weak and find what im strong at doing. Best way you can contact me is by my email at [email protected]. Ty and im looking forward to hearing from you.

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