Welcome to Martial Arts International in Omaha, Nebraska.  Our Teen and Adult Martial Arts Programs are designed to teach our students a high level of self-defense with many other benefits. Our students soon discover that Martial Arts International is more than just punches and kicks!  Our curriculum gives you the opportunity to learn Korean Tae Kwon Do , Hapkido, Filipino Karate, Arnis, Behring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Philippine Martial Arts style Stick Fighting (Escrima), Knife (Daga), Sword (Espada), Kick Boxing Concepts and so much more!


  • Paul says:

    It’s a great school for those who want to learn Martial Arts!!! This school is amazing!

  • John says:

    This school is cool… I personally recommend this one! Thx guys!

  • BeenThere DoneThat says:

    This organization becomes more and more shady by the day. Be prepared to sign at least a one year contract. Testing fees are charged quarterly, and by the time you reach Orange belt, be prepared to shell out about $300 for sparring equipment that MUST bear the school s logo. After the first year is over, you will be encouraged (read required) to join the fabulous Black Belt club which incurs a higher tuition rate, a 3-year contract, and more equipment purchases.
    Their website contains misleading advertising. On the Our Staff page, there are 12 names listed. Of those 12 names, SEVEN of them are no longer active members, or are no longer employed by Martial Arts International.
    This organization does not care to give good customer service. Communication about classes and testing is lacking. Students and parents are confused about what is going on. MAI professes to teach kids how to deal with bullies….. the bad part is, one of the head instructors is himself a bully. All the owner wants is YOUR MONEY. Beyond that, he could care less about the student. Take a look at the photos on the wall when you walk into the studio. All are pictures of the owner with celebrities. What does that tell you? It is all about *him*, nothing else matters.
    Be leery of companies that want you to pay for an entire year to three years in advance! My advice: shop around and stay away from this one.

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