ALIVE MMA in Portland, Oregon, teaches the combat sports that comprise Mixed Martial Arts, the core of which are: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, and Muay Thai for those looking for realistic self-defense or effective competition training, to those who simply train for improved health, fitness, and FUN.

IN OUR 9,000 SQUARE FT FACILITY, we have 3000 square feet of mat space. The floors, walls and beams are fully padded in the jits area and there’s a wooden floor area for boxing and conditioning and yoga. The West facing wall is covered in caging for those wanting practice up against the cage wall. We have Muay Thai length and boxing length heavy bags, double ended bags, a speed bag, medicine and stability balls, focus mits,Thai pads, kick pads, gloves, yoga gear and much more.

We have personal trainers available for specialized training, both adult and kids Mixed Martial Arts programs with an emphasis on Jiu-Jitsu, Greco-Roman and Free-style Wrestling, Judo, Submission Grappling, Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

In the back room we have a Sauna which seats 14 people, a therapeutic massage room, weights, kettlebells, an elliptical machine, rowing machine, stationary bicycle, gymnast rings and other plyometric workout equipment.

We foster a comfortable, clean environment and have a women’s changing room, men’s changing room, each with showers and an additional changing/shower in the back.


  • Justin Smith says:

    Before I start I just wanted to add that I am no blogger or anything like that. I am a guy that checked out a few gyms to put my two boys in and found the best place. Alive MMA sits on Woodstock near 56th ave. Just for starts the neighborhood is great, everyone is very friendly. This gym matches it’s community. The gym is lead by Bill, who also teaches the kids class…. this guy should be a teacher in schools. He is GREAT with the kids, it must be the way he talks to them but he gets tons of respect for all the kids and is a super nice guy. If your going to check it out I would ask for Rob, he is super down to earth and will help you big time. If your enrolling your kids you must drop in and check this place out as I think they are the best by a long shot. As far as price and I think it’s more than fair. You pay one monthly fee go to any classes you want all you want… Boxing, mma, BJJ… and a bunch more I can’t think of. They are open all day unlike the other local gyms. On a side note my oldest son was having some additude and aggression issues with his little brother (also in the class) and some neighbor kids and kids at school. After about 2 weeks he calmed way down… no lie my house is much more peaceful and my boys act like they don’t have anything to prove anymore. Thanks ALIVE MMA…

    PS nevermind my spelling and such, it’s late and I am tired.

  • BJK says:

    This is not a place you want to enter a contract with. I only have myself to blame but I went to one class after signing on the bottom line and then had some financial hardships hit me such as my car breaking down and other bills stacking up ect.

    The guys did finally cancel my membership only after they grabbed a couple hundred dollars out of my account and now I don’t have a bank to bank with. I informed them of this and pleaded with them to reverse the charges. They did not and stuck to their guns. They made out and I’m the fool.

    I have trained at places all over the US and have never seen people act this way to someone who hit hard times.

    They don’t care if you lose your job. A contract is a contract so beware. Also I know that there are gyms in this area that handle these unforseen situations much better so check around. There are places that will work with you if the economy kicks your butt.

  • EKC says:

    Alive MMA has been great to me. Sure, I’ve had negative interactions with individuals on rare occasions (and Rob, who Justin Smith mentioned in his review, was able to convince me to give one individual another chance, thereby convincing me to join what became my favorite class). But I feel a much greater sense of community at Alive than at any other club or institution I’ve ever belonged to. I feel far less fondness for and commitment to my hometown, my alma mater, and even the other teams I’ve been a part of.

    I was training (lightly) in jiu jitsu elsewhere and joined Alive after I got tired of having my butt kicked by others who cross-trained at both Alive and the place I was at. That is not to say that Alive is all pros… it’s not. But the pros, hopefuls, coaches, and random folks are all incredibly welcoming and supportive. Combat sports were a hobby for me until I joined Alive and realized that I LOVE fighting. It’s fun! Do the coaches tell you to run faster, tell you to try that move again, yell “just 3 more reps! you can do it!”? You bet they do. And boy does it feel good.
    The fact that there are classes at all times of day and in so many different styles of fighting and working out, well, that’s just a bonus. It’s a very encouraging atmosphere– one where you know that they’ve got your back.

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