4oz Fight Club is an MMA based school in Northwest Houston, Texas, with our focus being predominantly Muay Thai (that is not to say that our ground is not top notch). 4oz was established in November of 2007 as a “Fighter’s Gym” and has lived up to that reputation with over half of our students being active competitors. 4oz teaches a very aggressive straight forward fighting style that has been proven successful to work in MMA by our fighters.

The coaching staff at 4oz Fight Club (led by Robert “The General” Perez) was awarded the title of Texas MMA Trainers of the Year for 2008 by Undefeated Magazine. When choosing a serious MMA school don’t settle for what someone tells you they can do, instead go to where their success can be measured in the cage.


  • Jeremy says:

    4oz is NW Houstons premier MMA school. The gym is well kept and well furnished with a full 20 ft 8 sided cage for training and 1000 sq feet of zebra mat. Current BJJ instructor is George Paz (Gracie Brown Belt), Wrestling Instructor is Navied Sadeghi (state and national champion wrestler), Boxing Coach is Anthony Russell (Pro Canadian LHW Champion) and head striking and MMA Instructor is Bobby Perez (Trained 3 MMA Champions).

    You can come and try out a class for FREE and it is only $125 per month for unlimitted training. Great gym, fighters and trainers!

  • Daniel Garcia says:

    The gym is great and the 4 oz team is awesome. They are very respectable and informative group. I enjoy working with Bobby and Steve as the assist me on my journey. Thank you all for your guidance and help.

  • Joshua Moore says:

    Ive been training for awhile at a few gyms and this is the first time that i have felt at home so quickly. these guy have a lot of experienced fighters and have so much to offer. they are a bunch of great people here and it would a lose for those who want a sound place to begin or improve there skills to miss out on. big ups to Jeremy and Bob, two awesome guys.

  • jacob gilliam says:

    4oz is by far the best gym in the area with some of the best fighters and coaches. They offer a well rounded training regimen and the best environment in my opinion for training. This gym is not meant for everyone if you don’t have the will power to push yourself to the absolute limits and beyond then try something else like pilates.

  • Alan Rivera says:

    4oz is in my opinion, the best MMA gym in the North Houston area. The atmosphere is very humble. The fighters and trainers are very respectful and the training is by far the most intense. I’ve been going for a week so far and will continue down this road. I recommend it. =)

  • Slate says:

    4oz is the best gym EVER!!!! They have everthing you could ever imagin. The trainers are great and know what they are doing. There gym is in the best QUALITY and has a verity of equipment there not to mention not only do they have a cage but a ring too!! I don’t know of another gym with all of the qualities as this one. Go 4 oz you guys rock!!!

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