Lenderman Academy of Martial Arts is located in the neighborhood of Parkland in Tacoma, Washington, and has been in business for 18 years offering quality martial art lessons for all ages. We teach a mixed martial art style of martial arts that incorporates the arts of Thaiboxing, Wing Chun, Jujitsu, kickboxing, Kali and Jeet Kune Do concepts.

If you are looking to learn mixed martial arts and get in great shape, our American Top Team (ATT) program is great for beginners or advanced students. You will learn stand up techniques from boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. You learn how to work in the clinch and use take downs to put your opponent on the ground and learn finishing techniques like arm bars and chokes. Some who progress might be interested in testing their talent in the cage, but the majority of our students attend our mixed martial arts classes because they are fans of the UFC and would like to learn techniques they watch the pros using.



  • Mike E. says:

    Lenderman academy is an amazing enviorment with very skilled and knowlegable insstructors. the Sifu Cliff lenderman is an incredible martial artist who has trained and trainded with the best in the business and is a hands on instructor in training and sparing in the american top team mma classes along with the wide variety of other classes available to take including martial arts classes from 5 and up and fitness classes. They also produce great talent as well. I have not been to or seen a gym enviorment I like more. they make you family here. Lenderman academy all the way!

  • Bob Lewis says:

    SiFu Cliff Great to see that you are STILL going Strong, I will never forget the intense training we all enjoyed together
    as well as your much enjoyed hospitality by you & your family. There has been much water under the bridge since those days, but you are continually in my mind as are the rest of my Martial Arts family namely SiFu Wayne Owen and many very notible top instructors we all know. THANK YOU for being who you are and sharing your knowledge and interest of the Martial Arts and especially the apprenticeship program in Oregon under Guru Dan Inosanto. Hopefully I will see you again some day but till then e-mail will have to work. Sincerly your Friend Bob Lewis

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