Louisville Elite Combat Squad specializes in Grappling, Wrestling, Okinawan Arts and MMA training. We are also a Fight Team.  If you want to fight, train for self-defense or just get in shape then we are the place for you.  Instructor Chris Bowman has over 15 years of MMA & combat training experience and is active in MMA competition.

Louisville Elite Combat has joined forces with Super Fitness!  You can learn MMA and grappling AND get unlimited gym usage; contact us today to learn how you can train for free and to get started.

UPDATE: This gym has ceased operations.


  • Allen Smith says:

    I recently started training with the Louisville Elite Combat. Those guys are outstanding. Knowledgable instructors and a group of guys who aren’t afraid to mix it up. The best around. They are moving to a new great facility. It is a Fitness center. I now get MMA training, and a gym membership for less than $25 per month. Crazy, best deal in America!!!! Hit ’em up and come train with us!!!

  • Cliff Hicks says:

    LOUISVILLE ELITE COMBAT is an excellent school for MMA training. Whether you are training for competition, self defense, or just want good conditioning, LEC is the school you want. With access to weight training and cardio equipment, success is within your reach.

  • CoDean says:

    This gym was a great experince all the guys there were very positive! the instructors were very knowledgeable, and very willing to take the time to work one on one with its people as well as me, it was a great place to really learn the mechanics of the fight game. The place just had a great vibe and good energy which is not always an easy thing to find at alot of fight gyms.

    -CoDean Roff

  • Cory Bowman says:

    LEC is a great gym with a great atmosphere and great instructors. THe guys who come to learn all have great attitudes and personalities. We all joke around with each other and they to make it fun to learn and understand. So if you want the best around come to LOUISVILLE ELITE COMBAT.



  • droc says:

    Senor Jack

    Please contact LECS directly…their info is right above amigo! Good luck.

  • Jeremy says:

    I tried the place out, but soon realized it was a joke.The instructor is fat and out of shape and is a white belt in BJJ, an amateur MMA fighter and all they did was Japanese ju-jitsu and as we all know there’s no Japanese ju-jitsu in MMA just BJJ besides that they have absolutely no stand up skills i guess thats why he’s an amateur and not a pro it was seriously funny to watch them train.

    I just so happen to see an article in Velocity Magazine about these guys and there’s a picture of the instructor fat as can be laying on some other guy with his socks on lol who trains in there socks.If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself its worth the laughs. If you want to train somewhere real and actually get better, i would suggest finding a blackbelt in BJJ and a PRO MMA fighter to train you.

  • TJ says:

    FYI Jeremy, Japanese JJ was around long before BJJ was here. Someone sounds like a bitter man. Oh, and the instructor actually is a black belt–you might want to do some research before you blast someone publicly. Are you the Jeremy in the article that the coach makes “furiously tap the mat with his free hand?” Yep, direct quote.

    PS-I train with LEC and I can vouch, those guys are for real. I’ve never had such a workout, learned so much, or been in an atmosphere that was ridiculously tough and still taught me.

  • Jeremy says:

    Actually i did my research that’s how i found out that Chris bowman is POSING as a BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU BLACK BELT and being in an atmosphere that’s tough isn’t that hard to find when you suck ass.

    And no i’m not the fat kid in the picture with him its unfortunate with so many great place’s to train you ended up with a out of shape,amateur wearing a BJJ gi so that he looks like he has a black bet in bjj.If he is a BJJ black belt who did he get it from????? find out and post it i will give them a call and if he does i will post on here that i was completely in the wrong and personally show up to apologize.sound like a deal?

  • BC says:

    Jeremy: FYI Chris has been Recognized by the Gracie’s as a black belt. That’s why you can’t hang with the best.

  • Jeremy says:

    Which Gracie academy are you talking about? Let me know i will call them and if i’m wrong (which i’m not), i will gladly apologize in person and on here.

    Seems easy enough to me, i went to other schools and they had no problem telling me who they got there BJJ blackbelts from and i called their sources and found out they weren’t lying unlike your instructor. Sorry to break the news to you.

  • B. Mantequilla says:

    Jeremy, what you fail to realize is that no one would be dumb enough to pose as a BJJ blackbelt with the advent of the internet and BJJ’s unique ability to actually track a persons lineage. If someone did that it would be beyond the convention of a normal poser, it would move into the higher echelons of idiocy. I’m sure that Chris would be more than happy to provide documentation that he is in fact a BJJ blackbelt and then you will look like a person who has a reasonable amount of skepticism when certain claims aren’t sufficiently proven. In my book that’s stupid.

    I’ve tried LEC before and while it wasn’t my cup of tea (I’m more of a coffee drinker LOLRMFAOHAHAHEHE) and while it wasn’t exactly the most sanitary or quality place to train I did get a work out. They have some tough guys and everyone knows that tough is a universal equivalent to technical ability. And Japanese Jiu Jitsu is good too. Think about it like this: BJJ is like a Porsche. It’s new, faster, better, and is improved beyond most vehicles and is tried and tested to be a reliable, fast car. JJJ is like a Pinto. Sure it may not be fast, or reliable and it’s older so the Porsche has more improvements but a Pinto can get you from A to B. And it’s cheaper. And isn’t that what really counts?

  • Chewy says:

    While this back and forth argument is kind of funny I feel like something needs to be noted. I am a brown belt under Colin/Kyle Cannon and Renato Tavares. I have been training since 2003 and I have watched the BJJ and MMA scene explode in Louisville. I know every black belt in the city in brazilian jiu jitsu.

    Mr Bowman is not a black belt in bjj nor is he respected as one by the Gracies. I have also trained with Mr Bowman and a few of his students as has a good friend of mine who is a purple belt. I can speak from my own experience as well as the experience of a fellow devoted grappler. The bjj/grappling skill possessed is the equivalent of maybe a good white belt. Now I can’t speak for the MMA knowledge because I don’t know, but as stated again he is no black belt.

  • bj ferguson says:

    Chris bowman is not a black belt. I have known him for years and have tapped him many times, and never been tapped out by him. I am a pro fighter and bjj purple belt under black belts mike yanez and pablo popavitch.

    I see this all the time and is disrespectful to people like me and other martial artist that have worked years in bjj to get were we are. This dude is 0-1 in ammy mma and if you can’t win in ammy mma if someone gave you a black belt in bjj, you better throw it back at them and ask them what they are smoking.

    Here is a link to his stats:

  • soulcontrol says:

    Guys, please stop all of this bickering! Martial arts was founded on respect and honor, not on these obvious attempts to tear down a respected sensei in our community. Anyone who has ever rolled with mr bowman knows he has SICK skills. I saw him tapout rob payton with a reverse arm bar back when rob was crazy strong (before his accident).

    He was also teaching rubber guard before hardly anyone was teaching it besides bravo. funny story–he starting teaching me mission control and i was like what?? lol! freaking blew my mind! mr bowman is a pioneer and is like a father to me and my uncle.

  • Area Man says:

    Stop the trolling losers!
    LEC is incredible. I know because I trained there.

    I was really nervous going into a PROFESSIONAL MMA GYM for the first time. I expected the atmosphere to be insanely intense, and not beginner friendly. Boy was I wrong, IN A GOOD WAY. At the end of my first class, I got to do live free-training with some of the Elite Squad. Instead of them bulldozing over me, I found them to be very soft. Many of them seemed to be training in a very sickly manner. I felt absolutely no strength. The best of all was Mr. Bowman. He was less like a fighter and more like a living, breathing bucket-full of Play-Do. I could just roll him up into a ball and make little shapes out of him. Really incredible stuff to see in this day and age.

    If you’re slightly overweight to severely obese (like me) then LEC is perfect for you. Heck, just look at the head trainer. He is living, breathing proof that literally anyone can open an MMA gym. No skills necessary, and that’s so inspiring.

    LEC 4 LIFE!

  • josh dominguez says:

    I got to say this cause i sick of all this on-line “he said, she said”. I have been going to LEC for about 4 months, and I have never heard mr. bowman say anything about a bjj black belt. However i have heard him say he is a japanese ju-jitsu black belt. I have seen people from other dojo’s come out to us and chris has bet them all with less than 100% effort. He might not be in GSP shape, but look at Roy Nelson, who destroyed everyone on the ultimate fighter heavyweight.

    I’m no bjj expert or nothing like that, but LEC is a good place to get a workout and learn some skill, and if anyone doubts that come on, I love a challenge.

    For those who struggle in this recession and don’t have $100+ dollars to spend a month, Mr. Bowman makes it affordable for anyone to learn this sport. There is no way i would be able to do this without him.

  • Larry Garcia says:

    Other MMA gyms are not 100+ dollars. Well not all of them. I go to Derby City and pay 69 a month for unlimited classes. I am currently unemployed so I can’t afford a huge payment. The good thing is that with all the available time I am able to get 2 a days with either the bjj training or the boxing team which is getting ready for some boxing competitions. If you like where you train than thats fine and enjoy the training you get but definitely don’t believe that every gym in the city charges over 100 dollars just because someone says it does.

  • bcc says:

    So Jeremy, who are you calling a fat kid?

    Here’s the thing: Some of the guys are not in the best shape up there, but at least we’re learning things from Mr. Bowman. Unlike you who’s got nothing better to do than sit at home and type **** up about us. So come over to the gym and we’ll all show you why were number one in Kentucky.

  • Jeremy says:

    your instructor looks like he’s been tapped out by Ronald McDonald on a daily basis.You’re right people should train at your gym if they don’t want to get in shape.I see you guys learned to tap out at least that’s what you spent all your time doing at the ArnoldS.

  • Lone WOlf says:

    at least were good enough to make it to the aronld. unlike you who sits on your *** and does nothing all day except for stuff twinkies down your throat. why don’t you go suck a big one and back off. you’re messing with the wrong MMA team.

  • Larry Garcia says:

    Number 1 in Kentucky? Come on bro you guys are not number 1 in KY. What about Derby City MMA, CORE, Four Seasons MMA, the list goes on. Those schools have been around for years. I’ve been training for a few years here at Derby City with the Cannon brothers and all the other black and brown belts there and I have never heard of you until seeing you guys get beat at some fights. Again I don’t care if people want to train out there with you guys. If that is what you guys like then thats fine. However, just because you said you’re number 1 doesn’t make it true. Me saying I’m Michael Jordan doesn’t mean I am a basketball icon and have millions in the bank does it? Also if you want to train like good fighters do you then you need other coaches. You can’t learn everything from 1 dude. Stop saying you’re number 1. You guys can’t grapple, box or anything. Period. Shut up and go crawl back into your variety room in the gym since you guys are number 1 and don’t have your own gym. Sounds like number 1 to me!

  • Esther R. Alfredo says:

    How can anyone be number one when they haven’t even placed… in anything? There isn’t even a number to correspond to what lies behind last place. Everyone else is established, CORE, Four Seasons, Derby City MMA, etc. and all have amateur and professional fighters, REAL BJJ Blackbelts, registered boxing coaches, competing BJJ teams that win, and much more. Stick to your Tapout gear and MMA culture shtick. Instead of making idle threats, start producing something that could be construed as successful. If you just want to get in shape, ride a bike. If you want to learn how to fight you need knowledgeable people specializing in different disciplines. You guys have four people rolled up into one man… literally.

  • Jeremy says:

    good enough to make it to the Arnolds??? all you have to do is show up and pay your entry fee what kind of skill is that???

  • Lone WOlf says:

    well then jeremy was your punk ass up there? huh huh huh? didn’t think so. so just show up and come get your ass handed to you. punk ass pussy bitch.

  • Gary Barry says:

    Lone Wolf. You’re a puppy who’s lost his way. Run along and scamper back to your pack of mongrels and mange covered poodles pretending to be wolves. Your team is a disgrace to Mixed Martial Arts and is a petty example of how charlatans can sneak there way into any venue and create for themselves a niche market of fraud and misinformation. You gullible minds aren’t helping the situation, if you would educate yourselves more guys like your “coach” would not exist. Yet they persist in places where popular misconceptions are seen as gospel and validation that what you’re pretending to be doing is actually legit.

    Stop breeding the same cliches and spewing tired platitudes about your toughness when the lack of evidence is on the side of your opposition. The onus is on you pup to actually prove that your gym is actually worth anything other than being a first class McDojo.

    So, Lone Wolf. It seems that you are sheep in wolves clothing.

  • Lone Wolf says:

    Gary Berry. what kind of name is that? really? a sheep in wolves clothing? you can come up there and get your ass handed to you. and if you manage to get lucky and beat us we’ll gladly accept defeat. but it’s not gonna happen.

  • REGULUS36 says:

    Wow! I see some hostility there. I was stationed at Ft Knox for 3 years. I’ve been to many of these gyms. I would have to say Derby city was one of the better places to train. There was no need for me to go outside the Ft Knox Area too often as Ft Knox had the best facility in Kentucky, and a damn good guy to train with Jason Keaton (Renato Tavares BJJ Black Belt). I can’t say I heard of LEC though, but that doesn’t mean anything. It’s great to see healthy compitition. Try to keep it clean on here. Be easy on one another. You can always settle it in the ring/Cage 😉

    Team Regulus
    Okinawa, Japan

  • Garry Barry says:

    Lone Wolf, you could at least spell my name correctly. I am a human not a fruit which is more than I can say for your team. And by fruit, I do not mean the botanical sense, I mean the “YMCA” sense. So go put on your costumes and pretend to be something you’re not.

    I’ve been up there several times but the stench usually keeps me at bay. See there’s something called an Olfactory nerve and I have one. I have to say that I expected more from you, and though your quips are less than par I have to say that I respect your ability to withstand the stale stench of body odor that is caught on the air at your gym. Smells like team spirit.

    I think you’d be better off in the pound, Lone Wolf seeing as you’re unwanted by any real team, devoid of any talent, and are foaming at the mouth just to appear tough. Write back when you actually have something other than expletives to contribute instead of spewing s**t though, for a dog, you’re quite adept at eating your own waste. Maybe I’ll just rub your nose in it. Bad dog.

  • Tode Kid says:

    Skill is skill in sport Martial Arts there is always a winner and a loser, it is about sportsmanship and humbleness although that seems to be fading. I have tapped out and been tapped out in a sport concept training its that training that can get you hurt by a wise Fighter! I my self like old style western boxing and pressure point strikes. if you want to be a fighter train and when you can’t be elevated by your Instructor any longer you move on …the Gym is or was a great place to train please leave ego at the door… if you have something to share it will be accepted if you have skills everyone will no. Oh and I have trained with the elite! Johhny Toco’s World Class Gym 1989-92 One of my coaches was Doc Maybe you no George Foreman he trained him… oh and this was a Pro Gym check it out. Ryu-te is what I love. Peace and Abundance to you all.

  • RedDog says:

    In the end, all the talk is pointless. I’m from the old school, and babbling back and forth has never been my forte. Wherever you may train, what YOU put into it is what you get out of it. Also, the condition of a facility shouldn’t even matter when it comes to quality of training. I’ve trained in gyms (be it MMA or weight training) that most would consider horrid, but had some of the best workouts of my life.

    Chris Bowman helped me get my start in MMA, and for that I will always be grateful. People have the right to their own opinion, but there is a tactful way to express that opinion. I actually competed in the Arnold grappling tournament, and placed 4th in my division. To clear any confusion, I was not out-pointed nor tapped: I injured my rotator cuff and was unable to continue. That was with my training under Mr. Bowman, and my ground game has progressed even further since then.

    Please, for the dignity and honor of the sport, stop the name calling and empty challenges. The men and women who compete in MMA and have a genuine respect for the sport are creatures of action. Let your actions in the cage prove your mettle, not the keyboard.

  • PPerkins says:

    Well its all irrelevant. Bowmans gone. I am the instrustor. I got my blue from Carlson Jr. We have an awesome stand-up guy. Ten years as a pro boxer. IM no black belt but Ive been around. I know my shit and know everyone who has posted on here just about. So any questions about how we get down, taining, or who knows what, please refer them to the mats at Super Fitness, and we can answer them. Or just sit on your PC and act like you know how to fight. Best wishes.

  • Jason W. says:

    With there being over 10 black belts, almost 15 brown belts,20-30 purple belts and blue belts a dime a dozen why would anyone pay to train with a blue belt no matter who he got it from.

  • PPerkins says:

    Because fighting is not jiu jitsu. You dont need to know gogo platas, or a million Gi sweeps to make great fighters. I know the ground, probably better than you. Standing, and the in betweens better than almost anybody around here. Im not some chode that just puts anyone out there to fight cause they think they are tough. I dont do stick fighting, or half ass MMA like most of these gyms. I dont specialize in one thing and suck at the rest. I train how to technically win fights. And they dont want to pay some outrageous price to learn some half ass mma. They want to win fights. Talk is whatever, but my guys win. And will continue to win. Our training speaks for itself and Im willing to test it anytime in the future.

  • PPerkins says:

    Because how many of those guys are also know Standup, and Wrestling, Clinch work. All aspects of MMA. Very few. I dont need to teach 50 Gi Sweeps and go go platas to make good fighters. Ive been training a long time, didnt get my belt handed to me in a year cause Im a good wrestler, or because I pay 100 dollars a month. And if you would like to test out the kind of fighters we put out you are welcome. Or you can again, just sit on the other side of the pc and hate.

  • Brian G. says:

    The difference here is the quality of instruction plus the quality of opposition with regard to training partners. You can roll with black belts, brown belts and get your ass handed to you and who are also willing to help you or you can roll with Jimmy Joe Bobby in a variety room with sub par instruction. It’s your choice.

    When you have one guy teaching just about everything and there are no areas of expertise then despite any teaching ability you lose the subtle nuances and even the basics go the way of the dodo.

    It’s easy to win fights when you’re fighting the redneck of the week which is the sad reality of MMA around here since damned near anyone can get registered with their mom in their corner (despite any effort on the part of the commission).

  • PPerkins says:

    Again, you are welcome to come to the school and see if your QUALITY INSTRUCTION, is worth the high dollar you paid. My area of expertise is MMA. Which is what I teach. I have a standup guy who has been training standup for 30+ years. I love guys that like to sit and type and critisize. I wish youd come by the gym yourself before you pass judgement. Really you are just blowing smoke as you have no idea what the place is about.

  • Jimmy B says:

    How many mma fights have you had PPerkins? Were they amateur or pro? How long have you been training MMA?

  • Brian G. says:

    Perkins, with all due respect MMA is an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts. This means that it isn’t necessarily something in and of itself yet a sum of its parts. If you have guys that have expertise in other areas and you have a mind for strategy, then by all means you would have a good school on your hands. Greg Jackson is the same way. He is a general but even he understands the importance of the separate martial arts and their place in MMA.

    You have a stand up guy. That’s great. He may be a good teacher. What about BJJ? Are you seriously teaching people with a blue belt around your waist? You cannot be so disillusioned to think that your lack of knowledge is somehow a good substitute for brown/black belt instruction. It would be like getting trained by the guy at McDonalds who started two days before you did.

    What about wrestling? Wrestling is boss in MMA. Who do you have teaching? Please don’t say that you’re also teaching this.

    This boils down to you being intellectually dishonest in your claims that you can somehow bring anywhere near a standard of instruction when there are so many other schools that actually have solid programs. I trained at CORE for many years and they have great trainers who specialize in many different things.

    You specialize in misinformation and being a charlatan.

  • PPerkins says:

    Speaking without knowing me or anything about me, or anyone else who teaches with us makes you sound like a hater, and kinda stupid, even with using all of those big fancy words. You are welcome to come on in, and see how much misinformation there is. Everyone likes to talk from behind there computer. hopefully we see you at an event or tournament. All of the informatioin on me is SuperFitnessGym.com.

  • Donald Walken says:

    Sounds like someone needs a thesaurus. . . and no thats not a dinosaur.

  • I am a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu I know several of the people posting on this thread. I have a martial arts school in Louisville, Ky, we have mixed martial arts classes, no gi and gi grappling classes, and striking classes also. Just to clarify who I am. I also am probably one of the most laid back people you would meet.

    Lets let the consumer make there choice on where they want to train.

    Not saying that a blue belt should or shouldn’t teach, but I consider my self an old school grappler at least in Kentucky and i know a lot of people that run schools here. I tell you one common trend most of them were blue belts when they started teaching. I know first hand, my instructor was a blue belt when I started bjj and now he is a 1st degree bjj Black belt and in my opinion one of the most legit dudes out there.

    There are several incredible schools in town and each has there pros and cons. Its martial arts people, on the same note Chris Bowman is a good dude, and knows a thing or two about grappling. He is a black belt in Japanese Juijitsu as mentioned before he told me straight up he was not ranked in bjj. So how was that misinterpreted I don’t know. Japanese Juijitsu is good to, just a different martial art. I did kung fu and taekwondo for years and I constantly hear that crap is weak it doesn’t work. No one says that when I drop them with a side kick, or my rolling backfist finds its mark. I am not trying to start anything or challenge anyone, but people do martial arts for there own individual reason.

    Calm down everyone, if you want to train at superfitness go train there. If you want to train at CORE go train there. If you want to train with me I am glad to have you, but lets not argue about it.

    Everyone has there individual reason for training.

    Maybe its one of the following

    Price: The economy is rough we know that maybe some gyms are too expensive in the opinion of that particular customer.

    Location: If I live off Hurstbourne parkway maybe I won’t train at Derby City it is kind of far, and in my opinion that have some of the most legit guys in town, but if I am late to class everyday because I can not get there in time. Then its not for me.

    Atmosphere: I call CORE MMA GYM 3000 because it is beautiful in there, the gym of the future. But it is not for everyone. Many people at my gym like the fact that everyone is really close and cool with each other, regardless of my gym size.

    Instruction: So and so is a UFC champion, so and so one 8 million mundial world championships. If I walk into a gym and for whatever reason what that instructor teaches doesn’t flow with my thinking. Maybe I can’t comprehend his style of grappling I don’t know. I have trained with everyone and many people have trained with me, some instructors I keep going back to train with because what they tell me works for my style and I understand there method of teaching.

    Many other reasons, sorry for the rant but lets not argue, there is room for everyone competition gives the consumer more choices and in the end we want them to win.

  • Wesley Stoner says:

    Wow, there has been a lot of arugeing over this guy Brown, but I just want to know if this is a good place to go to learn MMA, I always wanted to learn how to fight, just never done it but I was wondering if somebody could tell me what are some good places to start out at that’s not so expensive, thanks.

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