Premier Martial Arts- Birmingham in Moody, Alabama, features classes for adults and children starting at age 3. We teach mixed martial arts including Karate, kickboxing, self protection and weapons. We also offer a Fitness Kickboxing class and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for adults.

Premier Martial Arts incorporates a combination of techniques found in these effective disciplines: We start every workout with Kickboxing followed by Krav Maga, Submission Grappling and MMA which provide students with a realistic personal protection and fitness system for a modern world.

No matter if you are five or sixty fiveā€¦, Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility are all benefits that a student can expect to receive with Premier Martial Arts Training. Every muscle group is strengthened and defined with the exercises, movements, technique, and training drills that are incorporated into our curriculum. Your endurance and stamina will peak as we increase your cardiovascular conditioning. All these physical benefits for your body will be felt in your daily life and activities, increasing your energy and confidence.



  • Brian says:

    The instructors there are great. The classes are well-done and they are patient with new learners. I enjoyed the class. Just be aware that the payment company they make you use, Member Solutions, is a horrible company and if you start the classes you are locked in to pay for them for at least a year, even if you decide two months in you can’t continue with the classes. No excuse outside of death itself will stop MS from collecting a fee (and even then they would probably hassle your family for money), even if you officially quit the class. They even tack on a finance charge for the monthly fee, so what you are told the class will cost is not quite correct. It is what you sign for, but Member Solutions will add a finance charge to make the actual cost of class go way up. There is no way to change the payment schedule or anything, so you WILL be paying for this class for at least a year (more if you don’t cancel the automatic renewal as soon as you sign up) even if you move away or can’t go. Keep this in mind before you commit to going. Other schools might allow you to pay locally on a monthly basis, but PMA requires you to sign with Member Solutions for automatic withdrawal from your checking account for a year. It’s a shame because the people at the PMA location are very nice, but this payment scam company has been the main reason I’ve sent people other directions.

  • Chris Allen says:

    I joined in October 2012 and quit on June 2013The owner is a good salesman. In the end however my experience was horrible. The classes are 30 minute rushes twice a week, that left me feeling confused and unsatisfied. My main interest was jujitsu. The class was treated like an after thought. The instructor was frequently absent and I was asked to instruct the class from a book when he was. The head instructor showed up severely intotxicated one night and was allowed to teach jujitsu, krav, and kickboxing by the owner. This was after several students pointed out how intoxicated he appeared to the owner and that they weren’t comfortable around him. Why did I stay you ask? I was sold on joining the Certified Instructors Training (CIT) program. The owner assured me I would receive additional in school training, training camps at corporate, and regular meetings. My contract was extended to pay the $10,000 for this course. In January there were 3 meetings and no extra training. After that there was nothing except the trip to corporate which turned out to be too expensive for me to go. I went to the owner in April after the drunken instructor fiasco and advised him I wanted to cancel. He swore things would change and asked me to stick with him. Aside from the intoxicated instructor being fired a week after the incident, nothing changed. No meeting, no additional training. Actually during the summer they go down to two days a week yet keep the costs the same. So in June I decided I had enough. I followed proceedure to cancel and the billing company refused to cancel my contract despite my reasons. I made multiple attempts to contact the owner to get him to but I have had no luck. In conclusion, they treat the kids classes a little more seriously because, as any martial arts school knows, kids are money. The adult classes are extremely short, rushed, and seemed like an inconvienience to the owner. I am still being hounded by the billing company and have not received a response from the school. I highly recommend staying away from this McDojo.

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